How to record in CAS (Create a Sim ) and How to Record with the User Interface

Mkay to record in CAS (create a sim) is something i always wanted to do when i was still growing up in the sims world. Its actually really easy!!!

  1. Enter your game choose a sim to play blah blah blah
  2. Then when you start playing your game press "options menu" or just press F5 
  3. Then go to options>video capture>capture user interface then click "show" not "hide" 
  4. Then your basically done just press V in CAS to record and then press V agian to stop recording
  5. WARNING !!!! Do not press options in CAS because it will stop the recording ,I had to figure that out the hard way 
So there you go how to record in "CAS"


  1. Is this for Sims 2 or 3? Because I am looking for Sims 3.

  2. If their was a thank you so much button, it would be clicked by me. :D

  3. If there was a middle finger button it would be clicked on my me.
    This didn't do anything.

  4. i went to video capture and i dont see that option anywhere